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Starring : Afdlin Shauki, Hans Isaac, Nasha Aziz, Patrick Teoh, Soraya Dean

Director: Afdlin Shauki

This is a comedy movie. I have watch this movie more than 50 times.It's so funny and the second things is the heroin of this movie, Nasha Aziz, she so gorgeous!!!!!!!

The story is about Nordin(Afdlin Shauki), when he was younger, Nordin used to be bullied by a guy called Roy (Hans Isaac), who would physically and mentally abuse him. However, after leaving university, Nordin gets a job at an Internet security software developer called "Michaelsoft Sdn. Bhd", where he gets a reputation as a big-time computer whizz. That is until a grown-up Roy gets appointed as his superior.

Qaisy dan Laila

A love story between an Afghan man, Qaisy, and a Malaysian relief volunteer, Laila, set against the background of war-torn Afghanistan. The cast includes Umie Aida, Rhadi Khalid, Jehan Miskin and Nor Fazura

This movie is full with action and special effect. It is a 100% romantic movies. You better watch this movie!!! I don't know who directed this movie. But the movie really makes me cry!!!


This movie has won a Spanish Award in year 2004 but I don't remember the categories. This movie also has won more than 5 awards in Malaysian Film Festival in year 2005. Its genre is horror and romance.The cast for the movie are Maya Karin, Azri Iskandar, Rosyam Nor, Ida Nerina and Eizlan Yusof.

The story is about Mariam, a well-known dancer from Kampung Paku Laris is caught in a love triangle between the rich, powerful and handsome Marsani and the poor but kind-hearted Danial. When Mariam chooses to marry Danial, Marsani continues to obsessively pursue her. But when tragedy occurs and Mariam is found dead, while Danial's boat sinks at sea, strange things begin to occur. Fast forward 60 years later, and a young girl named Maria bears an eerily striking resemblance to the late Mariam...


The cast Afdlin Shauki, Hans Isaac, Awie, AC Mizal and Ida Nerina.

An amusing story about Wak and his friends who plan to rob a pawnshop when the owner, Tauke Wong, refuses to allow Wak to redeem his grandmother's brooch. After numerous discussions and rehearsals for the BIG robbery day, the guys fall into a trap! Someone else has stolen their thunder! Watch them try to get out of this mess as more surprises await them.


The discovery of XX Ray – a device that allows one to see through things, becomes a disaster when Anuar deliberately sneaks it out and brings it to a party. In the struggle to save this device from Karim, Amir becomes invisible.

It was a 1992 movie directed by Aziz M Osman. He was also main actor of this movie. It is the 1st science fiction movie in Malaysia.

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